The conference will take place in the small town of Luso, at the Grande Hotel do Luso (see location here). Luso is renowned for its thermal waters and the Bussaco Forest.


Luso is approximately 25 km from Coimbra, a major city in Portugal. The nearest airport is Porto, which is about 120 km away, but Lisbon is also an option, approximately 220 km away.

From Porto, there are two alternatives to reach Luso:

  • By train

Metro from Airport -> Campanhã metro / train station

Campanhã -> Luso-Buçaco (travel time varies, approximately 1 to 2 hours to Coimbra B train station, and then approximately 30 minutes to Luso-Buçaco). For more information:

From Coimbra B to Luso, you may prefer to take a taxi or rideshare (e.g., Uber) as there may be few trains between Coimbra and Luso.

  • By bus

Airport -> Coimbra (Rua do Padrão, near Coimbra B train station) (approximately 2 hours) For more information:

From Coimbra to Luso there are two alternatives:

Train: Coimbra B – Luso-Buçaco

For more information:

Taxi or rideshare (e.g., uber) as there may be few trains between Coimbra and Luso.

Similar options exist from Lisbon to Luso, also passing through Coimbra / Coimbra B train station.


Special prices for accomodation at the Conference Hotel are available from the travel agency Caravela. If interested, please send an email to

Despite the small size of the town, there are many hotels in Luso. Some of them are:

Alegre – Bussaco Boutique Hotel

INATEL Luso (a large 3 star hotel)

Vila Aurora (Rural Tourism – Country House)

Palace Hotel do Bussaco, a 5 start hotel at the heart of the Bussaco Forest

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